In praise of print

Steve TylerCompany

ALTHOUGH digital publishing has made it easier than ever before for storytellers to get their messages across, print remains an important weapon in the arsenal of many organisations. As proud publishers of a host of physical products, we make the case for the traditional magazine…

You don’t have to take too detailed a look at the publishing industry to see that digital delivery plays a key role in many communications strategies.

Uploading key content to the internet is quick, cheap and – depending on the platform – relatively easy. It also grants access to a huge audience, potentially multiplying any message’s effectiveness.

But while our clients across the business and charitable sectors do call on TylerBale’s services for digital communications, it is interesting to note that a significant number also ask us to manage the production of physical print publications.

Making an impact

Given the extra time and money involved in creating printed titles over online-only versions, the sustained demand shows that physical magazines still fulfil functions better than their digital counterparts.

We have published Army&You for the Army Families Federation (AFF) since 2013 and the magazine remains the charity’s key means of reaching its military audience. By providing a physical copy for Service readers around the world, AFF ensures that important information about housing, employment and general Army life reaches those who need to see it.

Sticking with the military, we have now managed the publication of 12 issues of Ares & Athena for the prestigious Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research. The title provides leading military, industry and academic figures with easy access to the Centre’s occasional papers, allowing readers to digest complex, high-level articles, one essay at a time and away from the glare of a screen.

For Wooden Spoon, Spoonews magazine – which we are delighted to write, design and publish – is a key physical benefit for the wonderful organisation’s members, providing a bi-annual digest of how the children’s charity of rugby has helped youngsters across Britain and Ireland.

Print is also alive and well across the academic sector, where we work closely with the Universities of Cardiff and Reading to produce print publications for alumni, potential students and donors.

Print’s bright future

Taking the first two months of 2018 as an example, our workload suggests that print is as buoyant as ever – and we are not particularly surprised.

Savvy communications professionals know that, for all its benefits, the online marketplace can be crowded and getting readers to take notice is never guaranteed. Researchalbeit questioned by some – suggests that attention spans may be on the wane in an age where new content is only a click away and ever-updating social media timelines disrupt focus.

A printed publication creates a greater sense of connection with its reader, is more likely to be re-read and has a longer shelf life. For our clients, the magazines we produce drill home important messaging and strengthen their relationships with their target audiences.

Perfect partners

Despite our love of print, we are as excited as anyone about the possibilities of digital publishing – as evidenced by the online editions and complementary websites of the titles we produce.

But rather than seeing it as a replacement for its older brother, we believe that online content is a happy bedfellow of the printed magazine – and running the two in conjunction is the surest guarantee of providing effective, efficient communications.

If you would like to find out more about our publishing services – printed or digital – email or call Steve or Andy on 01252 714870.