TylerBale scores 20th issue of Army&You

Steve TylerCompany, Writing

WITH ever-so-slight apologies for the cheap “score” pun, we’re exceptionally proud that the latest issue of Army&You magazine is the 20th we have been involved with as publisher.

In praise of print

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ALTHOUGH digital publishing has made it easier than ever before for storytellers to get their messages across, print remains an important weapon in the arsenal of many organisations. As proud publishers of a host of physical products, we make the case for the traditional magazine…

Making your magazine a must-read

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PUBLISHING – or planning to publish – a magazine? We’ve come up with five pieces of advice to help your title truly register with readers…

Hot topic

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UNLESS you’ve been living under a rock in recent years, the issue of global warming is likely to have registered on your radar. Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, desertification – climate change’s physical manifestations are worryingly apparent.

Character-building copy

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ONE of the joys of journalism is gaining insights into people, professions and situations that would otherwise have passed you by – and a recent interview with a University of Reading graduate shone a light on an under-appreciated yet ubiquitous area of expertise.

Editorial excellence

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AS staunch supporters of the art of storytelling, the TylerBale team are masters at adapting any topic to educate and entertain its intended audience.

Ace autumn mags incoming

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AUGUST might signal an exodus to the beach for many, but TylerBale’s team have kept the lid on the suncream in order to ensure the polished production of a pair of publications.

Happy to help

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EVER since TylerBale was set up in 2011, we have been proud to use our editorial expertise to benefit some of Britain’s many charitable organisations.

In the scrum with England’s greatest prop-star

Steve TylerCompany, Writing

BEING journalists by training, the TylerBale team likes nothing more than getting out and about to get stories directly from source. Whether we’re chatting with an Army wife or getting the lowdown on the latest scientific developments from a university professor, nothing beats the buzz of interviewing. We’ve also been lucky to count a number of star names from the world of sport, … Read More