A fitting job

Steve TylerCompany, Writing

AS avid gym-goers – and distinctly-average marathon runners – we were delighted when the head office of booming international franchise Anytime Fitness asked us to provide a series of case studies.

Franchisees of the brand, which is expanding across the UK, have been reaching their first profits at a rapid rate and the company understandably wanted to celebrate the continuing success.

So, with a bit of background information in hand, we began interviewing a selection of club owners to find out how they have turned their dreams into reality by running their own businesses. From a new mum wanting to achieve a better work/life balance to a seasoned businessman in search of a new opportunity, the stories we came across were varied and inspiring.

After crafting the words, we also came up with a contemporary double-page design to allow Anytime Fitness to present the case studies to aspiring franchisees at industry shows across the country.

And, ever keen to go the extra mile in keeping our clients’ businesses healthy, two members of the TylerBale team have signed up to the new Farnham branch of Anytime Fitness.

How’s that for going the extra mile?